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In this article I am going to show you how to earn money by uploading and sharing your images via free image hosting and getting paid for it. In contrast to other online earning methods with ImageTwist hosting you won’t need any skills, experience or investment. Start monetize images with free Tumblr blog and ImageTwist hosting and earn 10$ daily with minimum effort.

What Is ImageTwist Hosting

Image Twist is a free image hosting service where you can upload your photos/images and then share their links or thumbnails with the audience. On the internet exist more similar free image hosting websites, but ImageTwist hosting probably is best and pays most! They will pay you for every unique view/click of your images. ImageTwist payment applies to clicks from all world countries now! You can check their current earning conditions in the tab bellow. Users of ImageTwist hosting are not selling any photos, they will earn a percentage of ad-revenue from their overall image/photo views.

Monetize Images
The site itself has a very easy navigation and interface, there is single or multiple image upload option and image thumbnails resize options. In addition, you can choose from six alternative sub-domains for your uploads. This is especially relevant, because some websites and forums are blocking links to raw ImageTwist domain. Payout minimum is only $4.00 (Bitcoin, Payza, Web Money, Skrill) or $20.00 for Pay Pal. ImageTwist payment is always sent on the time via your prefered method. They also offer various bonuses and competitions for cash prizes.

You can share direct links to your images, thumbnails for forums and also whole image galleries. Even not registered users can upload and share images with ImageTwist hosting, but only registered members can earn money.

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How To Make Money With Tumblr Blog

Certainly the best type of pictures to earn with are adult/nude images. You can always find thousands of adult pics on the internet for free and, of course, you have an option to use your own pics. Next you have to upload pictures to your ImageTwist account and share them with the audience. There are many adult pin web sites, forums and blogs with millions daily visitors and you can also use your Facebook or Twitter for easy promotion. One of the best methods how to monetize images is ImageTwist hosting in the synergy with free Tumblr blog. How to make money with Tumblr blog?

One of the best blogging platforms for adult content today is free Tumblr blog. You can make money with Tumblr blog in varius ways (read our other posts). Furthermore, you can create as many blogs as you want for free. Register a free Tumblr account here. First of all, choose your desired niche – it should correspond with your blog name. You have an option to use specific adult niche (redheads, teens, big boobs etc.) or you can use general category (daily hot girls etc.) it is up to you! So, now you have your own blog with appropriate name and you are ready to monetize images with ImageTwist. Just follow next steps.

1) Search and download HD images coresponding with your niche (or use your own) – you can search via Google or use other sources. Very good source of adult pictures is Then upload these images to your ImageTwist hosting account (try to use alternative domains for uploading) and get the image links

2 At the same time upload all images to your Tumblr blog too. Don’t forget to fill shortened Image Twist links under “content source” section on Tumblr. As a result you will earn a credit for every unique click on your images. Use as much tags for your Tumblr posts as possible! Right description and atractive keywords are very important.

3 Now it is the time to promote your new blog and gain daily followers! First of all, search for popular tags on Tumblr itself (HotBabes, Teens, Hotgirls etc.) and find posts from other bloggers related to your own content. Now click on “notes” under these (similar to yours) posts and follow all users (followers of these posts) you will find there (see pic bellow). Repeat this action until you follow 200 people – it is daily maximum!

4 Try to follow 200 people every day for 20 (or more) days – it will be your basic followers foundation. Don’t forget to post at least two new posts/pictures on your blog every day! Your folowers will help you to gain better stats and more visitors as well as boost your image views and of course, your earnings. Now just watch stats of your image views and wait for your first ImageTwist payment!

make money with tumblr

So this is easy method how to make money with free Tumblr blog and ImageTwist hosting. You can see you don’t need to work hard to monetize images and earn at least 10$ daily, just by sharing your pictures via internet. Of course, you can earn much more if you promote your pics via adult forums, Facebook or Twitter. If you have any suggestions or need help, feel free to reply to this post. Happy earning!!

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